Wednesday, December 22

Otterblog Alert: It's a very dark Christmas, Charlie Brown...

Don't you just love the holidays? The warmth, the cheer, the merriment? Of course, I'm talking about the various holiday TV specials where the holiday spirit trumps the crass materialism and everyone learns the true meaning of Christmas. Well, in theory, that's how it should work, however, we did a little re-boot of the Charlie Brown franchise and it took some very dark turns. See, Linus kinda got a little older and lost his way.  Complete with a great cameo from Bacon Strip cohost Maxine Delacunt, watch the gruesome number at the very special Holiday Christacular Bacon Strip, video shot by the awesome Perry after the jump...

Saturday, December 18

Otterblog Alert: Holiday Sugar from Disgrace!

Who does not like a fresh, piping hot ginger?  Oh, I'm sorry - I don't mean Joel McHale, Conan Obrien or Prince Harry (*he is after all engaged) and I should clarify and say "Gingerbread Man", or wait -- that's sexist!  Women can be Gingerbread men... Er, I mean, Gingerbread Women... Or wait, I meant to say Wymn?  Wait - What about transexuals?   Ugh!! OK - I know we're excluding alot of people...  So, I've asked DisGrace Jones to see if he can show us what he means... He does and will take us down his sugarwalls for the annual Christacular installment of BaconStrip... Awesome vid and amazing costuming (*courtesy of Fleur du Mal) after the jump.

Thursday, November 25

Otterblog Alert: Return of the (HOT) Dork Night

With all the "Reload" franchises and epic fail comic-book adaptations on Broadway (Julie Taymoor, we're talking to you), people are forgetting the true mission of super-heroes: LOOK GOOD IN TIGHTS. Luckily, my man Disgrace has been doing some moonlighting of late and has been making good on that area of the job description. Unfortunately, there's a few other things he forgot as well... See more after the jump.

Wednesday, November 17

Otterblog Alert: Benefit Show for a Saintly Fluer

Wednesday 11/17 at Rebar featured a cornucopia of talent directed at a worthy cause: a benefit show for local Burlesque sensation Fluer Du Mal (unfortunately, medical expenses and healthcare costs get the best of us somtimes!).   It was a star-studded evening with Sylvia, Ade, Miss Kitty Baby, Miss Kitty Baby, and yours truly in the Evil Always Win's Dancers (including Disgrace Jones and Ola Montrose - we brought it ON, baby).  Hosted by the all-time glamour divas Bovine DeSwine and Trixie Lane (from the kindergarten of burlesque), everyone was fabulous, gracious and glittery...
In case you missed the activities (a trunk show followed), you can still get in on the action in the following ways:
1) Buy from Ms. Du Mal's awesome pastie shop.  I have on several occassions and was the first Male Dandie model.
2) Get in touch w/the Trunk Show organizers (*Absolutely Fabulous) and kick back some greenbacks.
And be sure to catch the awesome gal in an upcoming Tarts show soon!   

Sunday, October 17

Otterblog Alert: Surreal Social Networking

Generally, I would never hype my own press (because - uhmm, I don't get a lot except for a few "Huh?"), however, this does fall into the "Cool Things That Happened To Me" Dept.   Yours truly was featured on notable blog FourFour for the "Sitcom Sketch" I did a few months back.   Ya see - the highly talented and profiled writer of that blog, Rich, created the supercuts for the "I'm Not Here To Make Friends" part (which was popularized as a feature on "This American Life").  So, a certain sexy bird dropped him a line about my peice and I wound up on there in all my freakish glory, pink bandana and the local punchline for uhmm, a "men's spa" and all.    Gosh!!  It was like life imitating blogs imitating reality tv imitating something!   In any case, I am truly honored to have my shout out from the meme's creator...

Sunday, October 3

Otterblog Alert: Footstomping Freaks!!

October's Bacon Strip tribute to all-things John Waters brought out our filthy, perverted creative juices:  What if Dexter Fishpaw never was rehabilitated in the film "Polyester" by the power of arts and crafts, and remained at large a foot-obsessed sex-offender?   What if he moved to Seattle?   What if he went on a rampage and claimed many victims?   What if a local news station covered it?
Well, we got out our pens, our handy flip-cam and grabbed a few of our fellow partners in crime (Bovine DeSwine, Fleur Du Mal and Zero the Wonder Chihuahua) and decided to go all multi-media here and do a film ala tribute to John Water's himself...  And also, we have a live act to show what "Vigilante Justice" means...  It's quite bloody, and kinda not safe for work, home and those with delicate sensibilities and tootsies...Video by Perry on the Bacon Strip Channel after the jump.

Tuesday, September 14

Otterblog Alert: Shiver me timbers!!

Yo ho ho and a bottle a' rum...
So - the theme being "Space Pirates" - I thought who else could sing about heartache than one of the animatronic employee's of the Magic Kingdom, and more specifically - the Robo-Pirates of the Caribbean?  (*I'm talking about the automated Disnyeland ride, not the summer movie franchise) I'm sure no-one knows the pains of unrequited love quite like an android and it's Hello Kitty Toaster.   I don't quite capture the awesomeness of the Bjork video this act was blatantly lifted from, but I do end with a big finish.   See what's inside a Pirate's Booty after the jump...

Friday, September 10

Otterblog Alert: Star Date with the Shatz

This was obviously a lost episode of Star Trek:  Disgrace Jones (back in his hot vulcan attire), Fluer Du Mal (also back in her sexy mini) struggle for control over their bodies on a remote planet.   They are comandeered by alien goddess Lola Montrose.  Luckily, this is all just science fiction at Space Pirate's Bacon Strip, but the verdict is still out on William Shatner's involvement.   Wanna know what happens when you break the prime directive?  See the video after the jump to find out...

Sunday, August 8

The Last Days of Disco

This month,   BaconStrip paid tribute to the glory days of late 70's excess, Studio 54.   Of course, Otter channeled again the spirit of Andy Warhol and showed what the high days of Disco truly meant at Studio 54... Complete with Coke, Sex, and Gold Lame.   
He got special help from his assistant, Mr Tits.  Video after the jump...

Disco Disgrace!!!

Disgrace Jones got all dolled up for the disco but has some self-image problems (I know - hard to believe with a bod like that)... But with a little inspiration from the Weather Girls and creativity - he "works it out".     Catch him out at August's Bacon Strip tribute to Studio 54...

Wednesday, July 7

Otterblog Alert: Bona Drag!

Sometimes in performing, you gotta break out of burlesque to do something different... Somtimes.   AEIOU and sometimes Y... As in Y-Chromosome, as in Why-drag as in Why-NOT??   Back in July, Disgrace and I donned our fanciest gowns to compete in our own drag-race at Bacon Strip's "Real Drag Housewives of Capitol Hill" series.   Of course, Disgrace is uber-talented, graceful and can lip-synch any strip-mall diva out of their pageant money... I, on the other hand, am... well... watch the video to see how this hot-tranny-mess tried and failed to rig the competition... Awesome video by Perry (& the Bacon Strip Youtube Channel) after the jump. Honor of the Late "Josephine"

Sunday, May 9

Otterblog Alert: Stay Golden!

In honor of a certain "Golden Gal's" appearance on SNL last night, a certain Disgraceful Jone's paid homage to his silver-haired heroines of TV Past for Sitcom BaconStrip.   The effect?  Well, let's just say that Dorothy and team would prove to be alot more flexible than we previously thought... More on the video captured by the Bacon Strip Channel after the Jump...

Monday, April 12

Otterblog Alert: T.V. Party at Otter's

Just another ho-hum night at my place watching "Must See TV", getting my fill of reality shows and gearing up for sweeps... However, I really start to wonder if T.V. is lowering our collective I.Q. (aka Jersey Shore??) as well as pandering to the most common denominator of fame and money.   And worse - is it making us anti-social?  Is T.V. our friend or our worst enemy?  Well, luckily, I use the almighty power of syndication and a little help from my friends at a certain Boston Bar, I turn the "T" in Teevee into "Teamwork" and the "V" into... well, uhh... "Vavvvooommm!"....  Watch my number at the April Bacon Strip for "Sitcom" Bacon Strip.  Again - fabulously shot video done by the great Pwaless.  Be sure to friend BaconStrip on Facebook for more great videos...

Wednesday, March 10

Otterblog Alert: Dicks Drill Video

New awesome video of my Red Army Dicks Dance posted for last Saturday's "Men in Uniform" Bacon Strip courtesy of the fab Perry and debuting the first ever male pasties - ala "Dandies" by the fab Fleur du Mal Designs

Tuesday, February 16

Gothtacular Guylesque

Why so glum, chum? Are you alone on Valentine's? Well, fret no further as DisGrace Jones and OtterPop will put a smile on that sour puss of yours! This month's Goth-themed Bacon Strip was a special for Valentines Day and the boys decided to "Out Pout" each other as rival Cure fans. It's an all out GOTH WAR! Who will the future Mrs Robert Smith be? Will it be a fight to the finish or will they find common ground (in say a certain Pop Princess that's completely 180 from anything "goth"?)?? Tune in to find out!!

Tuesday, February 2

DisGrace Typing Explosion (Jan Magnum Pt 2)

Today's young professionals should look no further than the sexy, sensational DisGrace Jones (aka - Mr Wiggins in this sketch). Not only can he type 100 Words Per Minute, but he can take off a heck of a lot more in 2 minutes and deliver the report ON TIME! Now that's a some serious skills going on there!!

Otter Art Explosion (Jan Magnum Pt 1)

Well, today's double feature starts off with yours truly. You see, I spent the entire day at SAM and could not contain myself and enthusiasm for Modern Art, so I took my painterly passion to Magnum and made some art myself (and on other people, too)... I think I'm going through my BLUE period.