Monday, April 12

Otterblog Alert: T.V. Party at Otter's

Just another ho-hum night at my place watching "Must See TV", getting my fill of reality shows and gearing up for sweeps... However, I really start to wonder if T.V. is lowering our collective I.Q. (aka Jersey Shore??) as well as pandering to the most common denominator of fame and money.   And worse - is it making us anti-social?  Is T.V. our friend or our worst enemy?  Well, luckily, I use the almighty power of syndication and a little help from my friends at a certain Boston Bar, I turn the "T" in Teevee into "Teamwork" and the "V" into... well, uhh... "Vavvvooommm!"....  Watch my number at the April Bacon Strip for "Sitcom" Bacon Strip.  Again - fabulously shot video done by the great Pwaless.  Be sure to friend BaconStrip on Facebook for more great videos...

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