Sunday, October 17

Otterblog Alert: Surreal Social Networking

Generally, I would never hype my own press (because - uhmm, I don't get a lot except for a few "Huh?"), however, this does fall into the "Cool Things That Happened To Me" Dept.   Yours truly was featured on notable blog FourFour for the "Sitcom Sketch" I did a few months back.   Ya see - the highly talented and profiled writer of that blog, Rich, created the supercuts for the "I'm Not Here To Make Friends" part (which was popularized as a feature on "This American Life").  So, a certain sexy bird dropped him a line about my peice and I wound up on there in all my freakish glory, pink bandana and the local punchline for uhmm, a "men's spa" and all.    Gosh!!  It was like life imitating blogs imitating reality tv imitating something!   In any case, I am truly honored to have my shout out from the meme's creator...

Sunday, October 3

Otterblog Alert: Footstomping Freaks!!

October's Bacon Strip tribute to all-things John Waters brought out our filthy, perverted creative juices:  What if Dexter Fishpaw never was rehabilitated in the film "Polyester" by the power of arts and crafts, and remained at large a foot-obsessed sex-offender?   What if he moved to Seattle?   What if he went on a rampage and claimed many victims?   What if a local news station covered it?
Well, we got out our pens, our handy flip-cam and grabbed a few of our fellow partners in crime (Bovine DeSwine, Fleur Du Mal and Zero the Wonder Chihuahua) and decided to go all multi-media here and do a film ala tribute to John Water's himself...  And also, we have a live act to show what "Vigilante Justice" means...  It's quite bloody, and kinda not safe for work, home and those with delicate sensibilities and tootsies...Video by Perry on the Bacon Strip Channel after the jump.