Saturday, September 19

The Grind Remains The Same...

I always associated Led Zepplin with bong-hits, never burlesque. How WRONG I was - last night, I attended House of the Unholy (A Led Zeppelin Rocklesque Extravaganza) at the Triple Door with DisGrace Jones. Put on by the uber-amazing talents of the Swedish Housewife and the fabulous Waxie Moon, they proved to us that high-caliber burlesque can rock harder than Jimmie Page. They even had Nick Garrison nailing Robert Plant on several occassions.... (No video as I'm totally intimidated and this will make my sh** look like a backyard play!!)

Monday, September 7

Puttin on the Rizo!

Blind item: which fabulous NYC performer made a surprise visit to Bacon Strip last Saturday night? Oh, I can't stand blind suspense, let alone blind panic... Especially when the celeb is too fabulous to be anonymous. Ladies n' gents, a high calibur performer and quadruple threat... Lady Rizo, a caburlesque wonder-diva superstar performing at the Pink Door and Rendezvous this week... Check her out!! And here's her and Sylvia pushing the Glamour out of the freakin toothpaste so you can't get it back in again...
(Note: Apologies for the bad video - I ran out of room on my flipcamera, so I could not get her entire number - and my phone camera was a bit grainy as well):

Sunday, September 6

Strip Poker with Mitzy 6 and 5 Wild Studs

For Hard Rock Bacon Strip, Otterpop! and DisGrace had the distinct pleasure of being part of the mantourage for the ultra-fabulous Mitzy Six and her number, "I Like You So Much Better (When You're Naked)". For this number, Mitzy got us and 3 other hot hombres who share this same sentiment. Awesome, slick video by Perry (videographer of quite a few Bacon Strips)!

Friday, September 4


Finally the youtube gods smiled and let me get this up on the site: my accompanying performance to DisGrace's Jones Numbers number. Here, Otterpop teaches us all an important lesson in texting while driving (hint: it will turn you into an early-90's girl rapper act). Car not entirely totaled and kept in DisGrace's garage....