Sunday, October 17

Otterblog Alert: Surreal Social Networking

Generally, I would never hype my own press (because - uhmm, I don't get a lot except for a few "Huh?"), however, this does fall into the "Cool Things That Happened To Me" Dept.   Yours truly was featured on notable blog FourFour for the "Sitcom Sketch" I did a few months back.   Ya see - the highly talented and profiled writer of that blog, Rich, created the supercuts for the "I'm Not Here To Make Friends" part (which was popularized as a feature on "This American Life").  So, a certain sexy bird dropped him a line about my peice and I wound up on there in all my freakish glory, pink bandana and the local punchline for uhmm, a "men's spa" and all.    Gosh!!  It was like life imitating blogs imitating reality tv imitating something!   In any case, I am truly honored to have my shout out from the meme's creator...

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