Sunday, March 6

Otterblog Alert: Bring It Goth

What's black and pink and works a crowd? 3 Angry Goth Cheerleaders. Yes, I had opportunity to perform with the Evil Always Wins dancers (Disgrace Jones and Lola Montrose) at February's Goth-themed Bacon Strip (My Bloody Valentine). We rewrote the cheers, polished the poms, and jumped for sheer anti-enthusiasm... We would have spelled v-i-c-t-o-r-y, but we were too depressed and mournful to care. Check out the video on the Bacon Strip Video Channel.

Friday, January 7

Otterblog Alert: Male Maladies of the 19th Century

Remember that episode of "Little House" where Pa just kept screaming and going into shrill hysterics? Remember when they had to call the doc just to come out and "calm" him via certain questionable "medical science" practices? Remember how he was cured for a while and then went on a tear again? Poor Half-Pint, she remembers it well. But - I sure don't remember that episode. Do you? Well - because yours truly was given a 'Steampunk' assignment to do (*you know, that sci-fi genre where the industrial revolution was on steroids in the 19th century and they even had large scale computers), I went ahead and wrote my own episode, complete with a unsavory traveling snake-oil huckster-infomercial. Oh, yeah and I kinda switched the genders in this one too, cos in my alternative wild west universe - Willa Cather would be a bad-ass and Lewis and Clark would be demure prairie wives... Take that Manifest Destiny's Child!! Check out my wranglin' of history at Wild West Bacon Strip after the jump...

Thursday, January 6

Otterblog Alert: The Cheese Stands Alone

Some acts stand alone in and of themselves, simply based on the merit of taste, flavor and smell.  That would also be the same criteria for Cheese Judging.  So, DisGrace had a certain hankerin for an ol' timey Saturday Morning Cartoon Character Timer (*or those under 35, a 5 minute ploy to get kids to eat more dairy in 70's by training them to make cheap ritz cracker canapes).
Judging by the act, our man delivered on flavor, smell and most of all... TASTE.   Only problem was that he came up a bit short in his hankerin, so he got very creative. 
Watch the nutrition lesson at "Wild West Bacon Strip" after the jump.   YEEHAW!!